Former Governor Bob Ehrlich Endorses Zihmer and Malveaux in High-Stakes Carroll County BOE Race

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In a significant endorsement for the upcoming Board of Education race in Carroll County, Former Governor Bob Ehrlich (R) threw his support behind candidates Kristen Zihmer and Greg Malveaux at a campaign event hosted by Zihmer last Thursday, February 22nd.

Addressing a crowd of over a hundred participants, Ehrlich emphasized the crucial role of school board elections in the ongoing culture war. “There’s an attack on the institutions that define us as Americans, as freedom-loving people. That’s why we’re here tonight. That’s why we’re doing this. That’s why you guys got to win,” he urged the candidates.

Zihmer, a fifth-generation Carroll County native and small business owner, introduced herself, highlighting her deep family ties to the community and outlining her concerns about the current education legislation under review in Annapolis. “The state of Maryland is attempting to systematically strip local control from Maryland counties,” she asserted, adding, “I will not be bullied by anyone, including the state of Maryland. I will always stand up for traditional Carroll County values.”

Board of Education candidate Kristen Zihmer speaks at her event.

Both Zihmer and Malveaux have received early support from Carroll County Republican leadership. Zihmer’s platform focuses on strengthening partnerships between parents and teachers, while Malveaux, with a Ph.D. in higher education and 25 years of educator experience, pledges to maintain a steadfast focus on core academics.

The candidates face stiff competition from two contenders with strong Democratic support, expected to receive substantial financial backing from the teacher’s union. The race is particularly high-stakes as all four candidates vie for the two Board of Education seats currently held by President Marsha Herbert and Donna Sivigny, both ineligible for reelection in 2024 due to the completion of their maximum two terms.

For those closely following the race, additional information can be found on the Maryland State Board of Elections website. Stay tuned as the drama unfolds in this critical battle for the future of Carroll County’s education system.

From left to right: Board of Education candidate Greg Malveaux, Kendel Ehrlich, Bob Ehrlich, and candidate Kristen Zihmer.

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