Carroll County Schools Brace for Controversial Gender Identity Curriculum Starting This Fall

The forthcoming school year in Carroll County Public Schools is set to see the introduction of a new “Gender Identity, Gender Expression, and Sexual Orientation” curriculum.  The county has been rife with heated debates and mounting concerns among parents and teachers regarding gender ideology in schools.|The Family Life Advisory Council, the 31-member committee made up of 25 parents, students, educators, and health care professionals, is scheduled this week to assess the curriculum developed for grades 6 through 12. 

Commissioners Rush Decision on $3,000 School Impact Fee for New Homes, Critics Question Revenue Potential

The urgency with which the impact fee decision was made and the absence of a comprehensive long-term plan for funding schools have sparked growing concern among residents and stakeholders. Many critics argue that a thorough study is not to be avoided; instead, it is necessary to understand how revenue from the impact fee can be maximized and whether it will be sufficient to address the county’s revenue shortfall.|The fee structure, ranging from $3,000 for single-family homes to $3,500 for townhomes, $1,125 for multi-family dwellings, and $1,500 for mobile homes, is predicted to generate marginal revenue, particularly with projections of new residential development declining due to inflation and interest rates.

Take a Stand: Say No to Extending Maryland State Superintendent Choudhury’s Contract

The Maryland State Board of Education has cracked under public pressure and delayed their vote to extend Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury’s contract.  Students of the public education system can no longer suffer under the superintendent’s poor leadership.  Use this quick and easy button to send an email to Board President Clarence Crawford and his colleagues and tell them NO to extending the superintendent’s contract.  And if you haven’t already, sign the petition!

Maryland School Board Delays Decision on State Superintendent Choudhury’s Contract Amidst Growing Controversy

Choudhury’s current contract is set to expire on June 30, 2024, and the board had the option to offer him a new four-year contract during the Tuesday meeting. However, the decision was deferred, indicating that the concerns raised by employees and community members have left a significant impact on the board’s considerations.|Deputy Superintendent Sylvia Lawson’s Defense of Choudhury, Viewed by MSDE Employees As the Superintendent’s “Henchwoman”, Casts Doubt on Decision-Making Process

Carroll County Moms for Liberty Champion Parental Rights and Protecting Child Innocence on Kim Klacik Radio Show

“We were there with about 650 joyful warriors from across the country. We call ourselves Joyful Warriors because we fight like hell with a smile on our face. And it was phenomenal”, Hart explained to Klacik.|Garland shared with Klack their discovery of 50 books containing pornographic content, including explicit descriptions of rape and sex. The chapter used, an informative website that provides invaluable insights into the content of books found in schools. 

“I’ll just point out that the only criteria that we used to consider one of these books is that the book contains pornographic content.  So it’s either textual context or literal graphic descriptions. Pictures of really graphic sex or rape. So each and every single one of these 50 books contains rape or sex very graphically.”