Take a Stand: Say No to Extending Maryland State Superintendent Choudhury’s Contract

The Maryland State Board of Education has cracked under public pressure and delayed their vote to extend Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury’s contract.  Students of the public education system can no longer suffer under the superintendent’s poor leadership.  Use this quick and easy button to send an email to Board President Clarence Crawford and his colleagues and tell them NO to extending the superintendent’s contract.  And if you haven’t already, sign the petition!

Dear Members of the Maryland State Board of Education,

I am writing this letter to express my strong opposition to the potential contract extension for State Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury.  

Significant concerns about the superintendent’s job performance have been raised and calls into question the effectiveness of his leadership. The board’s recent decision to delay the contract extension vote indicates that these concerns are legitimate and cannot be ignored.

As responsible stakeholders of Maryland’s public education system, we cannot overlook the following alarming points:

Lack of Accountability: Superintendent Choudhury has demonstrated that he is unable to effectively lead the MSDE.  The board has yet to address the toxic work culture, lack of transparency, and mishandling of taxpayer funds under this Superintendent, and must do so. 

Impact on Education: The performance of a superintendent directly affects the quality of education provided to our children. Superintendent Choudhury’s challenges and controversies continue to have a negative impact on the overall effectiveness of Maryland’s education system and its ability to implement Blueprint.

Public Trust: We entrust the education of our children to the State Board of Education and its appointed officials. It is crucial that we have confidence in the leadership to make the best decisions for our children’s future. Extending the contract of an embattled superintendent would only erode public trust in the education system.

Given the gravity of these concerns, I strongly urge the Maryland State Board of Education to carefully consider the implications of extending the superintendent’s contract. I believe it is in the best interest of our students, parents, teachers, and the entire community to explore alternative options that would ensure effective and accountable leadership within our education system.


Maryland Taxpayer

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