Race Relations and Students Have Suffered Most Under COVID Response

Fifteen days to “flatten the curve” is now going on two years.   COVID policy hasn’t been about the “science” or saving lives.  Like everything else in our country, it’s become political.  Our corporate media, federal and local governments, and teachers union have all used the pandemic to gain more power and push political agendas that span well beyond the realm of public health, touching every element of American life.  

One of those elements: race relations.  COVID has been used by our politicians, in partnership with the media, to sow racial discord, with the undercurrents of anti-racism being present throughout the pandemic response. 

How do we know this?  

Dozens of lives lost, hundreds injured, and over a billion dollars in damages from last summer’s BLM protests that occurred during the pandemic were declared “mostly peaceful” by our media elites and never labeled a super spreader event by the CDC.  Yet groups that were protesting to reopen the economy, who happened to be mostly white, were deemed “privileged” and were accused of putting countless lives at risk of COVID.  

Also compare the response of the BLM protests to the January 6th “insurrection”.  Our political leaders chose to form a commission around an “invasion” of the capital that caused a 3-hour delay to the election certification, arguably a symptom of defunding the police, yet overlook a summer of riots that caused far more damage and loss of life. 

Race was also inserted into the vaccine rollout plan.  The Biden administration pushed for “racial equity” to prioritize vaccine availability to “underserved communities”.   This went directly against the science which has shown that the risk of COVID increases with age and individuals with compromised immune systems, not skin color.

These are just a few examples; all have resulted in race relations being at their lowest point in over 20 years.  For our politicians, it’s “mission accomplished”.

Another area that has been dramatically impacted:  our schools.

Despite the data showing school-aged children face much lower risks of COVID and have lower transmission rates compared to other age groups, the CDC, in cooperation with the teachers union, pushed for schools to keep virtual learning and mask mandates in place.  It’s no coincidence that only after the American Rescue Plan was passed in March, which granted $129 billion to education, did the CDC recommend schools to partially reopen.

What are these billions being used for?  A large portion of the funding was intended to address “learning loss”, but instead has been used to push the political indoctrination of our students, where once again anti-racism, 1619 – all elements of Critical Race Theory (CRT) – became a priority of the teachers union and school systems to “reimagine” education.

Our kids were literally held hostage by the teachers union for financial gain.

Across the nation, and now Carroll County, we find ourselves not only pushing back against unnecessary mask mandates, but also CRT curriculum.  This racist ideology has made its way into CCPS through an advocacy group that’s embedded into our school system and disguised as the Office of Equity and Inclusion.  This “deparment” has taken a two-pronged approach:  promote CRT to students by inserting itself into the curriculum council, and to teachers by offering seminars and courses as part of teachers’ professional development.

As parents, we can no longer let our politicians and teachers union continue to use our kids for their political and financial gain. 

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