Equity Disclaimer?

The CCPS Office of Equity & Inclusion (OEI) is sponsoring an “Equity and Inclusion Day of Learning” event this summer. This in of itself is not very interesting.

What IS interesting is the subtle differences between the email announcements that were sent to CCPS staff. The blue announcement was sent earlier in the summer, the black was sent just yesterday.

Why was the board compelled to add this disclaimer? If this event doesn’t reflect the views of the board and the school system, then why is the Office of Equity & Inclusion sponsoring this event on behalf of CCPS, presumably with our tax dollars?

We expect the board and CCPS to directly address the community’s concerns with respect to how “Equity” is practiced in Carroll County schools. Rather than distance themselves from the event and their Office of Equity & Inclusion, they need to address the issue at hand.

We want action, not legal disclaimers.

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