Singer Admits Improper Mask Wearing Not Effective, Times Doesn’t Report

Media bias towards mask mandates continue.

In a stunning admission, Carroll County’s Health Department Chief Ed Singer admitted masks are not effective when improperly worn.

The board was discussing how to best utilize the $1.9 million that was intended for the virtual learning program but was canceled due to low participation.  A recommendation was brought forward to instead use these funds to buy better masks, such as KN95 masks, for parents and children concerned by COVID spread. 

Singer then explained, “When you look at the OSHA standards for the wearing of these masks and you want them to have the effectiveness that they’re manufactured to do, there’s a lot of things you have to do to really make them fully effective.”  Singer continued, “If you wanted to buy them and make them available to people, I’m not going to tell you not to do it, but it may give you a false sense of security than what you’re paying for, because without a proper fit test and a proper fitting mask for individuals it’s really not as beneficial.”

When comparing improperly worn KN95 masks to cloth, Singer commented, “I’m not going to say they aren’t more effective than cloth masks.”

Opponents of mask mandates have long argued that requiring mask-wearing for school-aged children, who aren’t likely to follow proper masks protocols, is not practical.

Yet, despite having a reporter dedicated to observing the Board of Education meetings, the Carroll County Times failed to report Singer’s statement.

“Not sure how the reporter missed that statement” said a parent who attended the meeting but wished to remain anonymous. “It’s almost as if she reported on a different meeting.  Maybe she was hoping for a different decision by the board.”

Carroll County Times did not respond to our request for comment.

The CDC and the Carroll County Health Department all recommend that students return to schools wearing masks, despite a 99.997% survival rate among children and the ineffectiveness of improperly worn masks.

“By allowing students to attend school without masks, the board followed the science, not the bureaucrats,” said the anonymous parent.

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