A Letter From a Concerned Parent to the Sheriff

Sheriff Jim DeWees,

My name is __________, a mother and resident of Carroll County Maryland. I am writing to you as a member of the Concerned Parents of Carroll County.  We are a coalition of parents who want to protect our children from political indoctrination and, as you will see, the sexualization of our children in Carroll County Public Schools.

As you may be aware, there have been reports across the country of books containing sexually explicit material, such as child pornographic scenes, pedophilia & obscene language.  All within public school libraries.  We are afraid to report that this issue has arrived here in our county.

Many parents have come forward to share several books made available in K-12 school libraries that contain highly inappropriate sexual content.  Unfortunately, I’ve personally been affected by this issue.  My daughter, a Winter’s Mill High School student discovered one of these books in her school library.  The book is titled “Lawn Boy” written by Jonathan Evison.  This book contains graphic details of two 4th grade boys sexually pleasuring each other.  It’s extremely disturbing, unacceptable and completely inappropriate for my daughter along with other students of Winters Mill High School.  Clearly, if this scene were made into a film, it would be considered child pornography.

I raised my concerns with the school media specialist and the Supervisor of Media and Instructional Technology for Carroll County Public Schools.  Sadly, they not only defended the book choice, they are now planning to bring the book to a review committee.  This committee is handpicking 3 students by school administration to be included in the review.  Our school system has now become a willing participant in this child abuse by forcibly exposing more students to the child pornographic content.

I, along with the Concerned Parents of Carroll County seek Sheriff Jim DeWee’s office guidance in this matter.  It is our opinion that the child pornographic scenes in this book are unnecessary in conveying the author’s message.  It graphically depicts and appeals to prurient interests, violates contemporary community standards and is therefore not protected speech under the First Amendment.  The scenes depicted in this book potentially fall under the category of child pornography.  At the very least, it violates state and federal obscenity laws.

We ask you for your urgent assistance in this matter.  Our children’s education and emotional well being are at stake.


_____________ and the Concerned Parents of Carroll County

Screenshot of the email sent to Sheriff DeWees.

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