CCPS Removes Minors From Book Committee Tasked To Review “Lawn Boy”

We thank Carroll County Public Schools for leaving student minors out of the review committee for “Lawn Boy”, the novel written by Jonathan Evison. The book is grotesque, sexually explicit, and littered with derogatory language towards the LGBTQ and minority communities. Including children in this committee was clearly not appropriate, and we’re appreciative that central office will be leaving this decision to adults.

We also thank the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office – Maryland for their response and guidance on the matter, which we will heed.

As terrible as “Lawn Boy” is, the issue goes well beyond just this book – it’s representative of deeper, more systemic issues that have pervaded our school system. There are dozens of other inappropriate books just like “Lawn Boy” that were deemed to have met CCPS “acceptance criteria”, and at the same time, less controversial books yanked from bookshelves that weren’t afforded the same review process, and other books notably absent (see

The end-result must be removal of all inappropriate materials, improved acceptance criteria with a renewed focus on educational value, and an UNBIASED application of this criteria so students have access to a balance of viewpoints. These changes are necessary and must be part of the larger discussion between the BOE and superintendent to achieve politically neutral classrooms.

We appreciate the attention and focus that CCPS is giving this matter. Concerned Parents will not rest until we’re assured our children are receiving an education free of indoctrination.

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