BLM Taught In Standardized Writing Test At Winters Mill, Principal Claims CCPS Mandated Curriculum

A screenshot of the writing assessment containing BLM content.

A Winters Mill High School student provided evidence of a standardized writing assessment requiring students to read a passage about Black Lives Matter.  

In the evidence provided, the multi-choice question appears to follow a reading that describes the Black Lives Matter organization in a positive light, but leaves out key details such as its Marxist underpinnings, “Defund the Police” efforts, and “disrupting” the nuclear family.

Based on the structure and delivery of the assessment, it’s suspected that this was a standardized test issued to all Honors English students in the county.  

When the student’s mother sent an email inquiring about the passage, the principal replied, “The curriculum is formulated at the district office level, so I have forwarded your email to…my High School Director.”

However, the Equity and Inclusion office continues to maintain that BLM, and other elements of anti-racism, are not included in CCPS curriculum.

“Nobody in the school system wants to take responsibility. I don’t have any confidence that CCPS will address it, especially with the finger pointing”, said the concerned mom.  “Whoever it is, they continue to push these ideas indirectly.  Even though BLM is not listed on a class syllabus, they hide it in materials like this writing assessment.”

Regardless of where it’s rooted, Concerned Parents continues to receive evidence from parents across Carroll County of anti-racist, systemic racism and other divisive content in student coursework and library materials.  

Opponents claim anti-racism teaches students to only see people for their color and blames the system for racial disparities. Parents across Carroll County continue to demand policy reform that explicitly bans the politically divisive subject in CCPS.

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