Help Marylanders Oppose The “Top Down Education Agenda”

Local education in Maryland is under threat by special interest groups.  Use this quick and easy button to send an email to Governor Wes Moore and the bill sponsors and tell them we want “Moore Local Control” of our education system! 

Dear Governor Wes Moore and Honorable Bill Sponsors,

I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the proposed “Freedom to Read Act” (Bills 738 and 785) and other legislation currently under consideration in the Senate and House that threaten the rights of local education systems. The potential implications of this legislation on local parents, teachers, media specialists, and Board of Education members would be detrimental, and I urge you to reconsider your support for the “Top-Down Education Agenda.”

Teachers and parents have the right to partner together to shape curriculum that aligns with their community values without outside influence of the same statewide and national political organizations that support this agenda. This is not a “book ban” as falsely claimed by political actors, but a “ban on local education.”

The proposed “Top-Down Education Agenda” seeks to override the local control exercised by city and county jurisdictions, eroding the rights of county school boards, educators, and media specialists. Moreover, it places an additional financial burden on the counties, diverting resources from essential educational needs.

I share the concerns raised by House Minority Leader Jason C. Buckel, who has voiced discomfort with the potential consequences of this legislation. Compelling local school systems to spend taxpayers’ dollars on materials deemed inappropriate raises ethical and financial questions that must be carefully considered.

As a concerned citizen, I respectfully request that you oppose the “Freedom to Read Act” and all legislation part of the “Top-Down Education Agenda” and advocate for the preservation of local control in Maryland’s education system. I believe that the balance between state oversight and local autonomy is crucial for fostering effective and community-aligned education policies.

Governor Moore, your commitment to being a partner in addressing educational issues at the local level, as emphasized during the 2022 gubernatorial campaign, gives us hope that you will consider the potential implications of this legislation on local media specialists and school boards.

Governor, we ask that you guarantee Maryland parents and educators “Moore Local Control”.  

I urge you and the bill sponsors to take into account the sentiments of your constituents and carefully consider the impact of the “Top-Down Education Agenda” on our education system. Let us work together to preserve the rights of local communities in shaping their educational policies.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I look forward to seeing your continued dedication to the welfare of Maryland’s education system.


Marylander for Local Education

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