Fox 45’s Project Baltimore to Cover Informed Carroll’s Story on State Superintendent of Schools

This article brought to you by Informed Carroll County.

Project Baltimore announced on social media that they will be airing an interview with a former Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) executive regarding State Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury’s mishandling of statewide student testing data.  

The scandal involves MSDE officials redacting public school test score data, which included 23 Baltimore City Schools where zero students tested proficient in math, in an attempt to hide the failures from the public.

The source, who has also spoken with Informed Carroll, has also confirmed they will be covering test State Superintendent’s misconduct as reported last week by Informed Carroll, where the former executive and several other sources shared stories that described an organization in disarray.  

Christ Papst of Fox 45 asks the source, “Had Project Baltimore had not done the story on those 23 schools in Baltimore City, with zero students who tested proficient in math, do you think that data gets changed?”

“I think the data would have stayed the same.  I think they’re trying to hide that the public school system is in worse shape than what we thought.” said the former executive.

Tune to Fox 45 News on Monday, 10pm for the full interview.

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