Fox 45’s Project Baltimore Covers Petition to Remove Choudhury

Image of a masked Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury struggling to escape questions from Fox 45’s Chris Pabst.

April 27, 2023 – Fox 45’s Project Baltimore recently covered our petition to remove State Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury.

See Project Baltimore article here: Maryland Schools Superintendent dodges transparency questions, locks himself behind door

“A petition calling for State Superintendent Choudhury to resign was nearing its goal of 2,500 signatures Wednesday on”

Choudhury continues to be in hot water as Project Baltimore revealed that the Superintendent attempted to HIDE state test scores of 23 failing public schools with zero students who tested proficient in math.

How is the MSDE to help the schools that most need it when our education officials are concealing the problem?

Enough is enough.  It is passed Mohammed Choudhury’s time to go.  

Sign the petition and share with all fellow Marylanders!  

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