MD State Reports Zero Outbreaks During 1st Week of School at Carroll County

As of September 15th, the State of Maryland’s website reported Carroll County Public Schools having zero outbreaks during the first week of school.  

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This was despite the optional mask policy that was in place during the first week of school.  

Carroll County’s outbreak statistics are a stark comparison to other counties that had mandatory masking policies, where dozens of outbreaks have occurred across several schools.  


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Frederick County’s numbers for comparison.

The news follows the recent Northwest Middle School outbreak that was just announced today, September 20, with the mask mandate in place for nearly a week.

According to the MD State website, an outbreak is declared when at least one of the following occurs:

  1. Classroom outbreak: At least two confirmed COVID-19 cases among students/teachers/staff within a 14-day period and who are epidemiologically linked, but not household contacts or
  2. School-wide outbreak: 
    1. Three or more classrooms or cohorts with cases from separate households that meet the classroom/cohort outbreak definition that occurs within 14 days; or
    2. Five percent or more unrelated students/teachers/staff have confirmed COVID-19 within a 14 day period (minimum of 10 unrelated students/teachers/staff). 

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