Petition: My Child, My Choice

Sign our petition below supporting parental choice of student vaccination and demand our Carroll County Board of Education protect our children from continued state overreach. Signing our petition will automatically send an email to the board members conveying your support.

We, the parents of students at Carroll County Public Schools, as well as other concerned citizens, hereby ask that our local board of education protect students from potential state COVID-19 vaccination mandates of minors to attend in-person school instruction.

We believe the decision to vaccinate our children against COVID-19 should be between parents and pediatricians utilizing science and data, not political pressure and influence.

Ultimately, this decision is up to, should be up to, Maryland parents and families.

Larry Hogan

The Maryland State Board of Education has demonstrated with the mask mandate that they are willing to circumvent our board to implement policy that violates our rights and local autonomy.  We implore the Carroll County Board of Education to retake control of our school system and COVID policy implementation.

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