Community Reacts to CCPS Distributing LGBTQ+ Flags to All Classrooms Beginning at Pre-K

Read to get the teacher and parent perspective on CCPS’s latest attempt to introduce sexual topics to young children and what steps you can take to stop it.

According to social media posts and an internal staff email, Carroll County Public Schools has partnered with PFLAG, the Ash Strong Foundation, and Stephanie Brown, a local social media activist, to distribute LGBTQ+ pride flags to all classrooms.  Elementary schools, including young children ages 4 to 11, will also participate.

LGBTQ+, shorthand for LGBTQQIAAP, stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, and pansexual.

Several teachers expressed concern that while they support students of all backgrounds, the flag isn’t helpful to the cause.

“It creates this false dichotomy of either you’re with us or against us. If I don’t accept and display the flag, does that mean I’m not supportive of LGBT students?  They claim I have a choice, but it’s not a choice at all.  I run the risk of being viewed as unsupportive and harassed by the very people who are demanding inclusiveness”, said a CCPS teacher.

Other teachers explained that their hesitance to displaying the flag isn’t about the issue of LGBTQ+ rights at all, but whether it’s appropriate for a school environment.

“I just think conversations with children about sex-related topics should be left to the parents or counselors better equipped to handle these discussions”, said another teacher.

Carroll County parents expressed similar views on the pride flag event and were sympathetic to teachers.

“It’s not fair to the teachers. The teachers I know are supportive of all students, but do not want to feel ashamed, pressured and forced to pick sides”, said a CCPS parent.

Other parents feel that it’s inappropriate for other adults, including teachers, to talk to their children about sexual topics.

“I don’t want teachers, or any other adult for that matter, talking to my children about their sexual orientation or gender identity.  It wouldn’t be appropriate in any other setting, the same should apply to the classroom,” said another parent.

The PFLAG event comes less than 3 months after the Board of Education passed a political neutrality policy to address the growing problem of political and social justice activism in schools.

CCPS’s decision to green light the event also shows a pattern of political bias.  Local parent group Moms for Liberty recently made attempts to donate children’s books to several schools across the countyonly to be turned down by school officials.  Other local organizations have attempted to donate copies of the U.S. Constitution to CCPS high schools and were also declined.

One parent expressed frustration with the bias demonstrated by CCPS.

“I’m pro-life.  Does that mean I can arrange to have pro-life flags in classrooms?  What about other flags that promote conservative values such as Thin Blue Line, or flags that promote Christian values?  I seriously doubt that CCPS would allow this, and that there tells you everything.”

Concerned Parents announced with Moms for Liberty that they will be organizing an effort to provide an American flag with information on patriotism to every CCPS classroom.

“It’s strange to think that while CCPS works to get a pride flag in all classrooms, many classrooms still lack an America flag.  Every classroom should have an American flag and understand its meaning.  It’s a symbol of freedom and encompasses all that our country represents.  It’s inclusive of all Americans in the true sense of the word,” said Bryan Thompson of Concerned Parents.

We’re Calling for Carroll County Citizens To Take Action

If you oppose political and social justice activism in our schools, demand a returned focus to core academics, and want an environment that’s truly inclusive to students of all backgrounds regardless of their race or gender, we ask you to take the following steps:

    • Email Superintendent Steven Lockard and Chief of Schools Cindy McCabe, the Board of Education, and your local principal (if this link doesn’t work, emails can be copied below). Let them know you oppose the political partnership formed with PFLAG, that it’s not appropriate in a school environment, and that it violates the Politically Neutral policy recently formed by our Board of Education.,,,,,,
    • If as a teacher, student, or parent you felt compelled/pressured to participate in the PFLAG event, submit a harassment (<—- click this link) complaint with CCPS.
    • Come attend the Board of Education meeting this Wednesday, April 13 at 5pm to voice your opinion and/or support other community speakers.

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