BOE Candidate Jozkowski Claims Carroll County Needs Fundamental ‘Anti-Racist’ Change

According to social media posts from Board of Education candidate Amanda Jozkowski, she is among four progressives running for the BOE that are “strongly anti-racist” and are “actively working to make change in CCPS” through “anti-racist” policies.  

Anti-racism is a far-left activist philosophy that believes American society is systemically racist.  It’s presumed that Patricia Dorsey, Tom Scanlan and Katie Speert are the other progressive candidates Jozkowski is referring to.

Jozkowski continues in her post to express shame for living in the Carroll County community. “If there’s one thing I absolutely cannot stand about living here, it is the fact that when I say I do, people from outside the county immediately cringe.” 

The leftist BOE candidate is also seen liking and commenting on a disturbing post exclaiming “White death is coming!”  The phrase “white death” has been used by anti-racist advocates who believe white culture is inherently racist and must end.  The message was posted along with a “socialist snowplow” meme.  Jozkowski commented on the post “If anyone knows people with plows attached to their trucks who are helping, we should get them Bernie Sanders banners to hang on their side!”

Another post from Jozkowski, who is also an Associate Professor at Towson University, includes a photo of a student march for Bernie Sanders through her office window.  

Screenshots of Jozkowski’s social media activity were shared by a local Republican group.  Jozkowski initially denied the posts, claiming they were made from an “absolutely faked account” and that she would “never write such a thing”.  In response, the group posted additional screenshots of Jozkowski’s social media activity that appeared to further confirm the authenticity of the images.  

Jozkowski later backtracked and stated she “did not recall making these posts”.  

“I find it disheartening that Amanda and the other progressive candidates are ashamed of our community and feel they need to come in and ‘fix’ our children.” said a CCPS parent.  “We’re not racist, and neither are our children.”

A biracial mother in Carroll County found the comments from Jozkowski appalling.  

“It’s absolutely insulting.  It’s this patronizing attitude that she, a white woman, needs to come and save me and my children because we can’t succeed on our own.  What she’s promoting is racism.  She doesn’t realize it, but it is.”  

The posts from Jozkowski come as parents continue to raise concerns with Critical Race Theory entering Carroll County Public Schools, which includes anti-racist principles.  Elements of CRT continue to be pushed by current board member Patrcia Dorsey and central office leadership through “Equity & Inclusion”, “Multicultural Awareness” and “Social Emotional Learning” programs.  

Concerned Parents reached out to Commissioner Ed Rothstein for comment, who represents Jozkowski’s district, but received no response.

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