Record-Breaking Fundraising: Zihmer and Malveaux Surge in Carroll County Board of Education Race

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In the fiercely contested Carroll County Board of Education race, two candidates have not just taken the lead but have soared to new heights in fundraising.

Leading the charge is candidate Kristen Zihmer, a lifelong resident of Westminster and a small business owner, who has amassed an impressive $21,123.61. Not far behind is Greg Malveaux, with a notable $12,444.36 in contributions. Both candidates have garnered early financial backing from local Republican leadership, setting the stage for a potential fundraising record in the history of Carroll County’s Board of Education.

Zihmer’s platform focuses on strengthening partnerships between parents and teachers, rooted in her deep connection to the Westminster community. Malveaux, with a Ph.D. in higher education and 25 years of educator experience, pledges to maintain a steadfast focus on core academics.

In stark contrast, candidates Muri Dueppen and Amanda Jozkowski find themselves trailing, having raised a combined total of $7,443.50 through their individual campaigns and their joint political slate.

Dueppen and Jozkowski, both veterans of previous unsuccessful Board of Education campaigns, are campaigning for a culture of belonging among students. Their advocacy extends to child transgender rights, and they stand in opposition to a recent policy change by Carroll County Public Schools aimed at protecting students from sexually explicit material.

Despite the ostensibly non-partisan nature of the board of education race, clear divisions have surfaced among both parties. Dueppen has a history of service on the Carroll County Democratic Central Committee, and both Dueppen and Jozkowski garnered the enthusiastic endorsement of the Democratic Committee chair at a recent club meeting, underscoring the partisan undertones in this intense competition.

All four candidates are in contention for two Board of Education seats currently held by President Marsha Herbert and Donna Sivigny, both ineligible for reelection in 2024 due to the completion of their maximum two terms.

As the primary election on May 14 approaches, the spotlight intensifies, determining the top four candidates who will then advance to the eagerly awaited general election on November 5, 2024.

For those seeking additional information, a visit to the Maryland State Board of Elections website is recommended. Stay tuned as the drama unfolds in this high-stakes race for the future of Carroll County’s education system.

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