Join The Fight for Mask Choice in Maryland Schools

The fight for Mask Choice in Maryland schools is rooted at the local level, but is quickly gaining statewide momentum. Concerned Parents of Carroll County firmly believes the decision to mask children should reside with the parents and the local school system as outlined by Maryland law, and is looking to lead the legal charge against the state board of education’s illegal emergency declaration.

The executive order made by the state board, to be approved by the AELR committee, presents uncharted territory for counties across Maryland, both from a legal and political perspective.  There are significant concerns with the precedent this mandate sets, which essentially grants authoritative powers to an unelected state body, under the guise of an emergency.

Concerned Parents is in the process of seeking legal counsel to help in the fight to protect our local school system, and in turn set the defining example that protects the local autonomy of all counties in the state of Maryland. 

We also believe a bold stance in the form of non-compliance, in collaboration with other counties, will send a clear and strong message to our state that our local rights are to be protected. We must not let the threat of withholding state money, which we know doesn’t solve all the challenges of our schools systems as demonstrated in other counties, violate our principles and our local autonomy.

Join our fight today and contribute to our legal fund.

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