Black History Event Organized by CCPS Medically Discriminates; Resembles Policies Proposed by BOE Candidates Scanlan, Jozkowski

The 7th Annual African American Read-In, organized by Carroll County Public Schools, is requiring attendees “to present proof of v*********n or a negative PCR test to enter”.

The event is being held at the Carroll Arts Center.  According to their website, the center enforces strict COVID-19 Health and Safety Policies that include proof of v********n.

“I don’t understand how an event that’s intended to celebrate African Americans, a historically discriminated group, would use the same discrimination against the unv*******ed,” said a CCPS teacher.

The policy would also disproportionally exclude unv*******ed, minorities from the event.  Maryland has made progress towards closing the equity gap in v*********n rates, but disparities still exist within the black community.

Many also question the effectiveness of the policies.  The CDC now admits that the v********d can still spread and contract COVID.  Masks are also required to attend the event, but allows for cloth masks which have shown to be ineffective in slowing the spread.

“I would like to see the center scale back the restrictions, or find a venue that’s more inclusive, where everyone from all walks of life could attend,” the teacher said.

Leftist Board of Education candidates Amanda Jozkowski and Tom Scanlan have advocated for similar v*****e and mask mandate policies for CCPS.  The event was endorsed by Scanlan on Facebook.

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