Tell Our Education Officials: The Time to Act is NOW

Carroll County implores the Maryland State Department of Education, the State Board of Education and the Carroll County Board of Education, to take immediate steps to suspend the mask mandate and adopt the science behind one-way masking.

Our state is positioned for a return to normal:

Counties across Maryland have discontinued their mask mandates, enabling citizens to make to the choice.  Yet the MSDE continues to unfairly place the burden on our children and deprive them of the freedoms the rest of our community enjoy.

For more than two years our children have faced educational setbacks and suffered the effects of the “silent pandemic”.  Enough is enough!  Stop the madness.  Give parents and their children back their freedoms.

Governor Hogan recently called again for local school boards to take back control of their education systems.  If the state fails to act, we demand our local school board to not wait for permission, retake control and eliminate the mandate.

The time to act is NOW.  Our children are depending on you.

Provide your name and email to send this letter to Superintendent Choudhury, the State Board, and the Carroll County Board.


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