CCPS, Carroll Arts Center Reverses Discriminatory COVID Policies for Black History Event

Carroll Arts Center has revised their COVID-19 protocols to no longer require proof of v*****tion for entry into their facilities.  Carroll County Public Schools has been scheduled to host the 7th Annual African American Read-In at the center on February 28th.

The reversal comes in response to a CCPS teacher’s complaint that the policy discriminated against the unv*****ted and set a poor example amid Black History month

“I’m very pleased with the change and appreciative of CCPS and Carroll Arts Center’s willingness to accommodate,” said the teacher.  “When we talk about inclusivity there’s usually a focus on race, but it goes well beyond skin color.  It means including people of all views, and in this case, all medical backgrounds.”

The proof-of-v*****tion policy was supported by leftist candidates Amanda Jozkowski and Tom Scanlan, who have advocated for similar policies in CCPS.  Democrat Patricia Dorsey, candidate and current BOE member, has a voting record of keeping schools closed and children masked.  

Parent BOE candidates Tara Battaglia (current BOE Vice President), Jim Miller and Steve Whisler have all called for returning schools to normal.

“It is so incredibly important for voters to understand that we three candidates (Battaglia, Miller, & Whisler) will not require students or staff to choose between a shot and their right to a public-school education or job,” Whisler posted on social media.

The center will continue to require masks, including fabric.  The CCPS teacher isn’t fond of the mask policy, but said she’s willing to compromise. 

“If it makes the organizers and attendees feel comfortable, I’ll do it.” 

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