More MSDE Employees Come Forward: “He’s a tyrant”

(King Choudhury image sourced from Delmarva Parent Teacher Coalition)

Concerned Parents of Carroll County, the group that initiated the petition to “Remove MD State Superintendent Choudhury from Office”, has obtained information from multiple sources describing a toxic, dysfunctional Maryland State Department of Education under Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury.

“He’s a tyrant,” said one former employee.  “He bulldozed.  He did what he wanted and didn’t care.  No regard to what everyone had to go through to implement what he wanted.”

Another source described meetings where a domineering Choudhury would slam fists on conference tables and harass employees.  “People would be humiliated in front of their peers.  His leadership team would emulate Choudhury.”

Concerned Parents continues their investigation into the inner workings of Superintendent Choudhury’s Maryland Statement Department of Education.  Specific details of various outbursts will be shared throughout next week to shine light on an organization in disarray.  The stories are disturbing yet are representative of the superintendent’s authoritarianism and his attempts to eliminate the rights of local education systems.

Choudhury’s House Bill 119, a sweeping bill that would give his office complete control over curriculum in the state, passed the house and arrived at the State Senate for subcommittee review.  The bill was so far overreaching that it generated a unified, bipartisan backlash across the state.  Even the State Board of Education, whom Choudhury reports to, has pulled back support for the bill.

MABE (Maryland Association of Boards of Education) issued a call-to-action to all Maryland citizens to write to their delegates and senators demanding that HB119 be withdrawn.

With the superintendent having lost the confidence of the State BOE, MABE, parents and now MSDE colleagues, calls for his resignation have grown louder.  

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